Back Pain

Common Pain Suffered by Thousands
Treatment Options

Back Pain Impacts Mobility and Productivity

Whether it’s the result of a labor-intensive job, osteoarthritis, pregnancy or a wrong move at the gym, back pain is one of the first and most important signs signifying a problem that needs attention.

Chronic pain is often described as one of the most debilitating health conditions one can experience. Studies show that for those who suffer from low back pain, the symptoms often come in recurring intervals. Unfortunately, because of that, many people aren’t proactive when to comes to relieving that pain.

Back pain affects 80% of Americans during some point in their lives! If you are a part of that statistic, you don’t have to be any longer.

  • Americans who suffer with lower back pain during their lifetime 80%
  • Americans with low back pain who spend the majority of their workday sitting 54%
  • Back sufferers who are women 30.2%
  • Back sufferers who are adult males 26.4%

Below are some terms you may have heard regarding common spinal conditions. At Core Spine & Joint, we like to educate our patients in order to help their recovery process.

Herniated Discs (Slipped Disc)

A spinal disc is designed with a firm outside and a soft, gel-like inside. When pressure due to strenuous activity or stress builds up inside the disc, it can cause the disc to become deformed. With increasing or prolonged pressure, it often leads to a disc herniation, which is when the gel-like material spills out. This spilled material presses against a nerve root and causes pain, that can travel into the buttocks and down the towards the legs and toes.

Bulging Discs

When the spinal disc is injured but does not rupture. In most cases, a disc bulges under similar conditions as those that cause a herniated disc. The bulging disc increases pressure on the nerves of the spinal column, causing the pain.


A set of symptoms including pain, usually caused by pressure or irritation on the sciatic nerve. The pain can be radial, traveling towards the buttocks, legs, and toes. In addition to pain, numbness, muscular weakness, and difficulty moving the leg can occur. In some cases, pain is felt on only one side of the body.

Spinal Stenosis

When the canal space surrounding the spinal cord becomes constricted, it increases the pressure on the spinal cord causing pain. In some cases this pain radiates towards the buttocks and down the legs. In addition, this condition is commonly present in patients with arthritis or joint inflammation.

Spinal Arthritis

Even though arthritis is most commonly found among the joints of the fingers and knees, arthritis can occur in any joint of the body. When arthritis is present in the small joints within the spinal column, the results are usually severe pain and a loss of body function and mobility.


A condition when a vertebrae is unable to hold its position and begins to shift out of place. If the bone slips too much out of place, it can pinch a nerve and cause pain. Typically, this occurs when a stress fracture weakens one of the vertebrae.

Pinched Nerve (Posterior Facet Syndrome)

This condition is when the facet joints of the spine wear down, due to osteoarthritis of the interarticular vertebrae. When this happens, often a nerve becomes pinched (impinged) and causes lower back pain.

Degenerative Discs Disease

While disc degeneration is a normal process of aging and does not effect everyone, in some cases a degenerative disc can become extremely painful. For these individuals, the spinal discs are not receiving enough nutrients, water, and oxygen in the blood supply; thereby causing the disks to degenerate. The pain is a result of the spinal structures pinching a nerve.


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