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Auto Accident

Auto accidents are one of the leading causes for misalignment of the spine and discs. Joints, tendons, and other muscular aspects can also be affected by a car accident. In the treatment of the spine for auto-related injuries, chiropractic care can provide faster results with a shorter required care period than other types of treatment.

Chronic Knee Pain

When knee pain interferes with your quality of life, you need a positive solution now. Doing nothing only allows the problem to get worse and become more difficult to treat. Not all symptoms lead to knee replacement surgery or use of dangerous drugs. Download a free report that reveals what every patient should know before considering surgery.

Back Pain

Whether it’s the result of a labor-intensive job, osteoarthritis, pregnancy or a wrong move at the gym, back pain is one of the first and most important signs signifying a problem that needs attention.


Migraines and other headaches can strike at any time for individuals who suffer. This large inconvenience can have a negative impact on your career, family life, overall health and your happiness.

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Your neck and shoulders work hard every day. Neck pain is almost a universal human experience. The slightest deviation in the relationship between the bones of the cervical spine causes pain and limits mobility.


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