Physical Therapy

Aiding in Successful Rehabilitation Plans

Experience one-on-one, hands-on personalized treatment with a licensed therapist.

Spring into Motion

Physical therapists formed their first professional association in 1921 to organize a dynamic practice with an established theoretical and scientific base. Today there are widespread clinical applications to aid the restoration, maintenance and promotion of optimal physical function.

Core Spine and Joint’s approach to physical therapy (PT) focuses on utilizing multiple methodologies for the ultimate approach to recovery. Each patient receives an individualized exam and evaluation to determine specific goals along with a recommended course of treatment.

Management of physical disability, malfunction or pain is often achieved with a combination of exercise, neuromuscular re-education and Deep Tissue Laser therapies without the use of medicines, surgery or radiation. Reducing pain and inflammation as soon as possible is attained using these modalities and other methods.

Get Your Body Moving

Exercise is a key component in any PT plan and centers on specific goals associated with targeted body area(s):

  • Core Stability – strengthen and improve performance of muscles that support and protect the spine
  • Body Mechanics – assessment and education to improve posture
  • Gait and Balance – evaluation and personalized program of exercise / stretching for improved safety and stability
  • Orthopedic Joint Treatment – pain relief with improved movement in upper and lower extremities
Physical Therapy


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